Vietnam Beliefs and Values

Vietnam values are still day by day on the way of continuity and change despite the profound influence of other countries including China, the US, France due to their dominance for centuries. With their intelligence, Vietnamese has skillfully accepted positive things while keeping typical ones. Though Vietnamese people standard of living is not high when compared to other countries all over the world, their mental life is diversified and distinctive with numerous unspoken rules in family as well as in society. They have been considered the standard way of behaviors and Vietnamese basic values for all Vietnamese generations.

The traditional beliefs and values are first clearly reflected in family life. Children are expected to be obedient to their mother and father. Every decision is made, and every turning point in life is marked with the consultant of parents.

Vietnamese people have long believed in the existence of a supernatural world. There exist spirits and deities who controlled everything and exerted a great influence on the course of human life. Plants, animals and man are believed to have souls.

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