Vietnam Climate

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Situating in Southeast Asia where is near the equator, Vietnam possesses typical features of a humid subtropical climate. However, with a long territory stretching from the North to the South, there are climate differences among each region. Hence it has created beautiful Vietnam all year round with numerous beautiful sceneries and alluring charms in each season, which attracts visitors coming to admire the beauty of this S-shaped land.

Northern Vietnam is directly affected by cold monsoons from China, hence the whole region has the typical climate with four seasons in a year: cold and humid spring, hot and humid summer, temperate autumn, and cold and dry winter. However, with different terrain and location, each sub-region has few separate types of climate as well as the dissimilar best time to visit. 

Vietnam Climate

Mountainous Areas in Northern Vietnam

To the Northwest and Northeast Region including Sapa, Mai Chau, Pu Luong, Ha Giang, Mu Cang Chai, etc, overall the temperature all year round is pretty cooler than lowlands due to the higher altitude. In Sapa, the highest destination among all, there could be even snow here in the winter. Renowned for mighty verdant mountain ranges and dramatic terraced rice fields along the hillside, the best time to visit here is in harvest season from September to early November that all the hills will be covered by the vibrantly golden hue. 

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North Vietnam Climate

Red River Delta and Coastland Areas in Northern Vietnam

Hanoi and surrounding destinations located in Red River Delta and coastland areas including Halong Bay and Ninh Binh have a distinct cold, dry winter and hot, humid summer season. Spring and Autumn are pretty short and seems like a step time changing between Summer and Winter. The best time to visit these destinations is generally from March to early June and from October to December. Depending on each place there will be some other times worth visiting. From July to September there will be happening bad weather which prevents sightseeing and visiting such as tropical storms or long-lasting rainfalls although these kinds of them are pretty infrequent. 

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Red River Delta and Coastland Areas Vietnam Climate

Northern Central Coast of Vietnam

Northern Central Coast Vietnam is located further to the South, hence this region is less affected by monsoons and the average temperature in the winter is higher than Northern Vietnam. The best time to visit several famous destinations here like Quang Binh, Hue, Danang, Hoi An is during the dry season and summertime lasting from March to August, which is wonderful times for sightseeing, caving adventures, and sun-sand-sea activities.

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North Central Vietnam Climate 

Southern Central Coast of Vietnam

Going further to the Southern territory, the weather is less affected by monsoons as the North, therefore the weather here is mainly separated into two distinct seasons: the dry season and rainy season. Southern Central Coast Vietnam is the land for temperate sunny weather all year round. Rainfalls in the rainy season are not too high and also don’t last too long, so it will not affect tourist's activities too much. The two most famous destinations are Nha Trang and Mui Ne, which are very famous for alluring beaches, dreamy sand dunes, and verdant islands. The best time visiting here is the dry season, which generally lasts from December to April when the weather is pretty cool, sunlight is warm and the temperature is not too hot.

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Beach Vietnam Climate

Central Highlands Vietnam

As a neighbouring region to the South Central Coast, the weather in Central Highlands also has two distinct seasons with similar climate features. The best time to visit the highlands is during the dry season, which annually lasts from November to April, with the timeless natural beauty of coffee farms, wildflowers, mountains and rivers, etc.

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Central Highlands Climate

Southeast and Mekong Delta Vietnam

To the Southernmost of Vietnam’s territory with the nearest location to the equator, Southeast and Mekong Delta’s average annual temperature is higher than the others. The weather is quite stable throughout the year with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and there is not much difference between the dry season and rainy season here. In case there happen rains during your trip, don’t bother too much as it will not last too long, and it even will be sunny right after raining heavily. Whatever you choose the time for the trip to Southern Vietnam, it will be delightful times for you to explore this exotic land, especially floating life here.

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Mekong Climate

With various beautiful landscapes distributing in many types of terrain and sub-regions climate, Vietnam owns the timeless charm that is desirable to explore. Get ready with an overview of Vietnam’s climate as well as suitable belongings in each season should be one of the most essential things before your Vietnam trip. Our INSIDE TRAVEL Team - Local Travel Experts – is here more than willing to give you more detail not only about the weather as well as the best time to visit each destination in Vietnam but also the most recommended schedule for your Vietnam Tours.

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