Vietnam Family Holidays with Kids: Best Spots & Things to do

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Travelling with kids is the perfect way of supporting exploring & learning while making unforgettable memories with the people you love most. Have you ever thought about travelling Vietnam with your children or daydreaming of Vietnam Family Holidays in the future? Then read on. Here's an exceptional list of the most incredible spots & activities should not be missed in any perfect itineraries.

This list which is specially made by Inside Travel expert team consists of so many awesome things which will definitely bring the real local experiences for children of all ages: authentic cuisine, fascinating history stories, bustling markets, gorgeous nature & the range of wonderful beaches from North to South. 

Without further ado, here are the best spots & things to do for Vietnam Family Holidays



1. Best things to do with kids in Hanoi

*** Enjoy the Magical Water Puppets Dance 
Address: 57B Dinh Tien Hoang Str, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Time: These puppet shows are daily at 15:00, 16:10, 18:30 & 20:00 from Monday till Sunday

Renowned as the favourite show of all Vietnamese children, it will definitely be your children's favourite show. Literally like its name, puppeteers will operate these wooden puppets to tell some interesting stories about warriors, fairies acting and dragons on the water. These traditional performances attract both kids and adults because of its beautifully made puppets and special Vietnamese folk music. To kids, this show is purely entertaining & magical. This is also a fun way to introduce some Vietnamese culture to your children. Amongst some famous places where you can catch this puppet show, the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater (located near Hoan Kiem Lake) is one of the best places to see. 

Water Puppet

*** Take a cycle-rickshaw ride through the backstreets of Hanoi
Address: Any streets in Hanoi Old Quarter. Most crowded in front of Thang Long Water Puppet Theater

The first impression of your kids about Hanoi is probably the crazy teeming streets of Hanoi especially in Hanoi Old Quarter where is made up of 36 streets, with the special named after the commodity that used to mainly trade there, for instance, silver, bamboo, paper, etc.

Besides, without any pavements in most of the streets plus having the presence of so many motorbikes (almost everywhere), finding the way to let your kids enjoy the mayhem in a more relaxed feeling can be a challenge so one of the ideal options to get acquainted with this area is hopping on a cyclo. Cyclo will offer your kids a chill & interesting experience as well as an open space without any windows or doors to enjoy sightseeing and daily life of locals.

There are two ways to arrange this:
• One is just simply hopping on one of the many cyclos on the street but remember to ask and try your luck at bartering with a cyclo driver. One suggestion is that you should ask your hotel concierge or your travel agency to recommend a fair price so you know where to begin bartering. 
• On the other hand, you can arrange this in advance through your travel agency. Sometimes, this cyclo experience has been included in your Hanoi city day tour.

                                 Cyclo Hanoi

*** Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
Address: Nguyen Van Huyen, Quan Hoa, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Time: Tuesdays to Sundays, closed on Mondays. Children below 6 are free

After keeping your kids close in the crowded sidewalks & streets of Hanoi Old Quarter, this museum is the best place where your children can run free & have fun while you get an understanding of the local culture and custom of the 54 different ethnic minority groups that make up the population of Vietnam.
Lots of hands-on exhibits and displays about the traditional way of life, consisting of handicrafts, clothing, special ceremonies are labelled well in English with a wealth of information which will definitely bring you a deeper knowledge about Vietnam. Besides, your kids will surely love exploring the outdoor exhibition space in which has a variety of the life-size replicas of traditional village houses that you and your children can climb in to discover the inside part of these Vietnamese homes. 

In case after the exploring of the museum, if your kids still have a lot of energy to burn, don't miss the chance to visit Nghia Do park where has a playground for children right across the road from the museum. 

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

*** Try Hanoi Street Food Tour
Though Vietnam is well-known as one of the famous countries in the world for the delicious street food, there are still some tourists complaining about the hygiene of the food which might cause them food poison due to their sensitive tummies. The best advice is that you should ask your hotel for some reliable restaurants addresses and the other option is taking a Street Food Tour from a prestige travel agency. 

Amongst many cities famous for the cuisine, Hanoi is named as one of the best street food in Vietnam in particular and the world in general. With the Hanoi Food Tour, you and your kids will have a great opportunity to taste the balanced authentic Hanoi cuisines such as Pho, Bun Cha, Banh Cuon & spring rolls which are fragrant, not spicy & so delicious.
Hanoi Street Food

2. Where to stay in Hanoi for your family holiday?


1. Best things to do with kids in Sapa

*** Visit Bac Ha Market
Address: 110km from Sapacentre / 72km from Lao Cai
Time: Open at around 7:30 AM & close mid-afternoon. Only on Sundays

Bac Ha Market is one of the biggest ethnic minority markets which is recommended by Lonely Planet and it is located in Northwest Vietnam. Before visiting the market with your kids, you should check the weather to make sure you are not overdressed or get cold & remember to wear comfortable shoes. 

This traditional market will give you and your kids a special feeling when seeing the interesting trading activities of many ethnic minority groups such as Red Hmong, Tay, Nung and Black Dao. Everyone looks fantastic in their traditional clothing which you can try to barter and buy some ethnic products such as a colourful hat, gloves or scarf at any clothing stalls. Surely that your kids don't want to miss a chance to catch a glimpse of the colourful costumes & buy authentic souvenirs from ethnic people. 

Bac Ha Market

*** Trekking Lao Chai - Ta Van 
Trekking Lao Chai - Ta Van is one of the popular trekking routes in Sapa due to its beauty of the scenery. Taking a tour with an informative Sapa guide to improving your knowledge about the culture of ethnic minorities there, also your kids will definitely enjoy the magnificent view and the unique architecture of traditional houses of locals along the way from Lao Chai to Ta Van village. Besides, you will have a chance to feast your eyes and take many photogenic photos of your families with the sight of mountain ranges, deep valleys and lush meadows. 

In addition, this trekking route is not difficult for people who have trekking/hiking experience, but if you are worry it is maybe quite hard for your kids, the guide and the local people are willing to assist. 

Sapa trekking

2. Where to stay in Sapa for your family holiday?


1. Best things to do with kids in Halong Bay

Of all the destinations to travel to Vietnam with kids, Halong Bay is the place that you definitely don't want to miss. Being list as one of 7 new marvellous wonders of the world, Halong Bay offers your family a gorgeous scenery, perfectly emerald tranquil water & thousand islands, islets & many jagged limestones rising up, which is best to experience by cruises. 

Taking a short excursion of 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights Halong Bay Cruises, you'll cruise through the World Heritage area over deep blue waters, spend time to relax on the sundeck and soak up the sun. Besides, for family bonding, kayaking & squid fishing are excellent ideas for family activity. If your kids have so much energy to burn, joining to explore some surrounding caves which require to climb up more than 100 stairs to get inside and amazed by its variety of different sizes and shapes of stalagmites & stalactites will be the ideal option to improve the knowledge of the formation & the development of limestones.  

Halong Bay

2. Suitable Halong Bay Cruises for your family holiday


1. Best things to do with kids in Ninh Binh

If you wish to find a place with some country air & a slower pace of life to have some space for your kids to run around in & especially for you, to breathe again, stunning & magical Ninh Binh is without a doubt everyone's favourite destination especially for travelling with kids. Make sure to check some of the most interesting activities that our lovely small customers love to do.

*** Take a boat ride in Tam Coc or Trang An, Ninh Binh

According to our customers, there is NOTHING more relaxing than sailing in a scenic boat ride through golden rice fields, under many vertical limestone karsts, mystical caves such as Hang Ca, Hang Hai & Hang Ba in Tam Coc. 

The most fascinating thing that your kids will surely be happy to see and want to try about the boats in Tam Coc is the women who row the wooden paddles using their feet to ride the boats. This special technique takes much time to practice and months to master. However, compared between Tam Coc & Trang An, Tam Coc is a huge & bustling tourist attraction which attracts a great number of tourists per day. 

If you wish to take a bamboo boat at the less touristy place, Trang An is one of the best alternative choices. This is home to a breathtaking landscape of limestone karst peaks, lush green rice paddies, a variety of caves, temples & canals. Your kids will also enjoy spotting the monkeys clambering on the side of the limestone cliffs. 

Whether you take a boat ride in Tam Coc or Trang An, the rowers are expecting tips, so you should prepare a small change for their services.
Boat Ninh Binh

*** Biking through small rural villages and rice fields in Ninh Binh
Our customers love this physical activity so much that they said it was a precious opportunity for their kids to enjoy the country air which through the verdant rice fields & rural villages. Not crowded like hustle & bustle Hanoi, the roads are also mainly flat so your kids will feel very easy to cycle around.
There are 2 options to rent the bicycles: You can ask your accommodation and most of them will offer free bikes or give bikes for renting at the reasonable prices (usually 50,000 VND / bike ~ 2.2 USD). The other option is booking a Ninh Binh tour that includes cycling in the itinerary. 

Biking Ninh Binh

2. Where to stay in Ninh Binh for your family holiday? 



1. Best things to do with kids in Hue

*** Discover Hue Imperial Citadel
Address: On the banks of the Perfume River. If you take a taxi, make sure to show him the drop-off point at the correct gate: Hai Muoi Ba Thang Tam Street and take a walk of around 200m to the ticket selling point which is near the main entrance. 
Opening time: Winter 07:00 AM - 05:00 PM, Summer: 07:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Entrance Fee: Adults: 150,000 VND (~ 6.6 USD), Child (Ages 7-12): 30,000 VND (~ 1.4 USD) (For up to date entrance ticket, head to one of their official websites

Scam Alert: I have read that there are some reports about the ticket sellers exchanging notes & claiming the tourists did not give them enough money and demanding more. One example I've heard is when a tourist paid 300,000 VND, part of this is a 100,000 VND note; after receiving the money, the seller quickly swapped his/her 100,000 VND note for a 10,000 VND note under the table and said to him/her pay the correct amount. As a Vietnamese, I hope this never happens to anyone & that seller will be got fine. But just to prevent this happening, you should check and count out the money carefully as you hand it to the seller. Using your phone to capture the notes is also a good way to avoid any trouble.

Most travellers say visiting Hue Imperial Citadel is something that no one can miss as it is one of the highlights when travelling Hue. This place has many open spaces where your kids can run free and have fun while you learn about Vietnam's rich history, traditions and get amazed by the unique and grandiose architecture.

+ As Hue Imperial Citadel's layout is rather complicated and you find it easy to get lost, renting a kid-friendly tour guide who can help you navigate and enrich your knowledge will be an ideal option
+ If you have small kids or any family members with limited mobility, you can take electric vehicles at a reasonable price.

Hue Imperial Citadel

*** Visiting some special tombs in Hue
The same as Hue Imperial Citadel, the main tombs which are Khai Dinh Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb and Tu Duc Tomb are quite extensive with full of kinds of corners, special designs and secretive garden paths that your kids will love to discover. 

Tomb of Khai Dinh
Address: Khai Dinh, Thuy Bang, Huong Thuy, Hue City - 9.7km from Hue city centre
Renowned as one of the most special & unique tomb in Hue with the design is the blend of Vietnamese & French styles. Since Emperor Khai Dinh spent many years living in France, he was quite fond of French architectural design. His tomb took more than a decade to build and it was completed in 1931.
Khai Dinh tomb

Tomb of Ming Mang
Address: QL49, Huong Tho, Huong Tra, Hue City - 12.6km from Hue city centre
Well-known being one of the biggest tombs in Hue, Ming Mang stands out from the crowd for its beautiful and tranquil landscaped area. Unlike Khai Dinh tomb, this tomb took only 3 years to accomplish but it attracts a great number of both domestic & international travellers due to its balance of landscaping & architecture which is unmatched amongst the Hue tombs.

Minh Mang tomb

Tomb of Tu Duc
Address: 17/69 Le Ngo Cat, Thuy Xuan, Hue City - 7km from Hue city centre
The same as Minh Mang tomb, Tu Duc tomb took three years to construct and complete. With several outstanding palaces & specific man-made landscape, this tomb is considered a 2nd Imperial City which is an ideal & heavenly world. The architecture of Tu Duc tomb is imbued with freedom & poetry which reflects himself: The poet romantic nature.

Tu Duc tomb

*** Relax at Alba Hot Springs
Address: Phong Son, Phong Dien, Thua Thien Hue Province

If you wish to find a place where you and your kids can have fun with some physical activities and relax at the same time, Alba Hot Springs is a perfect destination. Just after a short drive of nearly an hour (~ 35km), you will arrive this exceptional place where you can take a scenic zipline, enjoy the hot springs, do the fishing or do some other sporty activities such as playing badminton & volleyball. Especially you will be surprised by very good service from the staff, they are extremely friendly, helpful & have a good level of English. 

Alba Hot Spring

*** Thanh Tien Village: Making paper flowers
Address: 7 km from Hue centre

Hue Imperial City (Thua Thien Hue) is famous for various traditional artworks &crafmanship. Amongst them, paper flower handicraft in Thanh Tien Village is one of the most distinctive that offers a special feeling for any travellers especially children. For many years, this village has been well-known as one of the most travellers favourite destinations which are highly rich in local culture, traditions & local beliefs. There were many kids have taken part in some paper flower workshops and they were very happy to spend time with the local artisans to learn how to make paper flower and also about different cultures and customs. 

Thanh Tien Flower Paper

*** Visit Hope Center
Address: 20 Nhat Le, Thuan Thanh, Hue City
Opening Hour: Closed on Sundays, Mondays to Saturdays: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Established in 1999 by two dynamic women Mrs Hong & Mrs Huong who always want to assist disabled & disadvantaged people by helping to provide them with vocational training and also work opportunities. Up to now, Hope Center have offered many free training courses & created jobs for both disabled & disadvantaged people and ethnic minority people. Coming to Hope Center, you will be amazed by many colourful and fascinating handicraft products. Besides, you can join in some interesting activities like making pottery, exploring Raku firing technique and catch of glimpse of how their talented workers make uniform from recycled products.
For the kids interested in pottery, they can join in 4-hour making some souvenirs for their friends & homes with the super support from friendly staff. If you are considering it now, just do it. You and your children will get a great and unforgettable experience while helping the local community who needs it most. And according to many Hope Center's customers that "This is an absolute must-do activity for people who wish to connect with Vietnam in a unique way".

Hope Centre

2. Where to stay in Hue for your family holiday? 


1. Best things to do with kids in Hoi An

*** Shopping around Hoi An Ancient Town
Travel + Leisure just announced its top 15 cities in the world & Hoi An is proud to be the 1st position. This ancient town is renowned for its well preserved & outstanding old buildings. With its plenty of lanterns, clothes and souvenirs shops, you and your kids will be amazed by various interesting and attractive products there. 

Besides, with its rows of bright yellow stained buildings and lanterns almost everywhere, you can take many stunning photos for your family albums. Don't forget to visit the famous bridge - the Japanese bridge which is now a symbol of this ancient city. 

Hoi An

*** Visiting a lantern shop and trying to make Hoi An's famous lanterns
You will see this ancient city is decorated by a colourful array of hanging lanterns that lit every house up at night. With locals, string lanterns outside their houses & buildings bring for them luck, happiness & prosperity.

Joining a lantern workshop is an amazing and fun way to let your kids learn more about traditional techniques and Vietnamese culture. They will finish the course with a newly earned talent and a special lantern (made by themselves) that holds an unforgettable memory than simply buying a lantern at any store. If you are looking for one of the best lantern-making workshops, make sure to check out our list below:

Workshop 1: Hoi An Handicraft Tours
Tripadvisor: Click here
Package options
• Full Class: 2.5 hours - 380,000 VND / person ~ 16.6 USD / person
• Express Class: 1.5 hour - 250,000 VND / person ~ 10.8 USD / person
Tour Includes
• Welcome Drink of Vietnamese traditional tea
• Instruction on making Lanterns
• Your Foldable Lantern
• A Special Gift from Hoian Handicraft Tours
• Course Instruction led by Hoi An Craftsmen
• English language Steps to Lantern Making

Workshop 2: The Lantern Lady: Lantern making workshops in Hoi An
Tripadvisor: Click here
Package options
• Self made frame: 1.5 hour - 135,000 VND / person ~ 5.9 USD / person
• Ready-made frame: 1 hour - 90,000 VND / person ~ 4 USD / person

Workshop 3: Reaching Out Arts and Crafts
Tripadvisor: Click here
Package options
• Only one option: 1 hour (02:00 PM - 03:00 PM) - 345,000 VND / person ~ 15 USD / person

Workshop 4: Xu Dang Trong
Website: Xu Dang Trong
Package options
• Only one option: 3 hours (08:30 AM - 11:30 AM / 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM) - 120,000 VND / person ~ 5.3 USD / person

Hoi An Lantern

*** Travel to Tra Que Village by bike & try to be a farmer in one day 
Address: Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An

"A glimpse into Vietnamese community life" or "Fascinating experience" - Tra Que is a charming and peaceful little village on the edge of Hoi An. Some customers have called it an oasis of calm. I recommend you take a Hoi An Rural Day Tour which offers you a knowledgable tour guide, high - quality bicycles and a chance to be a farmer in one day in Tra Que Village. 

Your kids will definitely enjoy the rural air and the rural on a bike, immerse themselves with a scenic route out of the city into the serene and tranquil atmosphere surroundings. When arriving at the village, locals will welcome your family with the welcome drink, teach you about the vegetables, how to grow and protect developing vegetables from the harmful insects as well as your family will enjoy the fun and happy time in gardening activities. End the tour with some delicious food is the best things you can't miss. 

Tra Que Hoi An

*** Rowing a basket boat at Cam Thanh Coconut Village
Address: Located around 5km from the southeast of the Hoi An Ancient Town

Cam Thanh Village is well-known as the green lung of Hoi An with immense coconut forest. To get to Cam Thanh Village, you have some options such as by car, by bike or rent a motorbike, but among them, biking tour is the best option to explore the rural area with kids. 

You can ride to Cam Thanh Village but need to ask the route from locals living along the street to avoid getting lost. Having a tour guide is a better choice, he will take you in some charming routes before arriving at Cam Thanh Village. Hopping on the basket boat weaving under many coconut trees and enjoying the stunning scenery will be one of your family's memorable experience. Your kids also have a great chance to learn some techniques fishing tradition & how to paddle in the unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boats way. After the boat tour, relaxing with the foot bath with medicinal herbs and joining the cooking class to make some traditional dishes of Vietnam. 

Hoi An

*** Discover and witness an outstanding show at Hoi An Impression Theme Park
Address: 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Coming to the theme park and your family will have a chance to discover plenty of mini-shows and enjoy a few food outlets where you can get some foods at very cheap price - don't forget to fill your family's bellies before going into the Hoi An Memories Show. Otherwise, you might get hungry while watching the show.

Every adult & kid enjoy this show tremendously under the dark & starry night. For adults, many travellers have said "it is spectacular, stunning & a visual feast", for kids, they said, "it was truly blown away & they had never seen anything like this show". If you are curious about the past of Hoi An and its development up to now, you can't miss this gorgeous show. It is told in both Vietnamese & English so no need to worry about the language. With many families, this show has left a deep impression for both parents and their kids & your family will have fond memories of it.

Hoi An

2. Where to stay in Hoi An for your family holiday? 


1. Best things to do with kids in Nha Trang

*** Experience Vinpearl Land Entertainment Centers in Nha Trang
Vinpearl Land Entertainment Centers is located on Hon Tre Island which is a long distance from the shore, the best suitable way to reach here is either by cable car or by ship. If you and your kids wish to witness the stunning beach & the busy life of NhaTrang from the sky, the cable car is the better choice. One more interesting thing is that this cable car is well-known as the longest cable car in the world which stretches from the mainland to the island.

After arriving this centres, your family will an awesome time to explore the water park which has pools for families and kids, water slides & thrilling games for anyone who loves adventure. Besides, the aquarium which is known as the little ocean is the place attracts many families to explore the deep ocean with beautiful coral reef and fishes. If your kids still have the energy to play, they can't miss indoor amusement games like 3D games, 4D cinema, fairy tale garden & outdoor amusement games such as rolling coaster, tornado, etc.

Vinpearl Land

*** Explore the underwater world with snorkelling
As Nha Trang is renowned as the precious gem of Vietnam for islands & beaches, your family can find it easy to avoid the crowds & spend a relaxing day on the short snorkelling excursion to explore the stunning beauty of Nha Trang Bay. There are two pristine destinations that you will want to consider for the snorkelling tour are Mun Island & Mot Island. These sites are very famous for snorkelling lover due to its clear emerald water and a variety of sea creatures. You and your kids will have an amazing time to see the most beautiful of coral reefs, colourful marine life and explore the underwater world there.

Nha Trang

* Relaxing on the beach

2. Where to stay in Nha Trang for your family holiday? 


1. Best things to do with kids in Mui Ne

*** Get amazing views of coastal line of PhanThiet from an air balloon
Many families from all over the world have said: "This is a must-do in Mui Ne, especially with kids, this is one of the highlights of their trip". With the best quality of the internationally recognized pilots and the best support and professional Vietnamese team, they will ensure your families' safety at the highest level.  

From the open cockpit of an air balloon, you and your kids will have a precious opportunity to witness the spectacular white sand dunes, some small desert lakes, swamps & the bustling fishing harbour of locals. When the winds are stronger than usual, the air balloon will move further from the sea and you can catch a glimpse of the mountains, river & tiny local villages. It is a picturesque and unique experience that you find it hard to have in anywhere. Prepare yourself and your kids for this magical flight at sunrise. 

Mui Ne Balloon

*** Enjoy the beach

2. Where to stay in Mui Ne for your family holiday? 


HO CHI MINH (Saigon)

1. Best things to do with kids in Ho Chi Minh

*** Enjoy an unusual experience with the Motorbike tour
Have you ever thought about a Motorbike tour in Vietnam? If not, you can try it now. Hop on the back of the driver who is also your tour guide and discovers Saigon in a different aspect. Most of the kids when took this tour, they all said this is one of their unforgettable experiences in Vietnam. They thought the streets are really bumpy and unsafe, but until they hopped on the bike, they just fell in LOVE with it. 

You and your kids will definitely be safe when sitting one of a professional tour guide. Your family will learn about the history of each site with the unique perspective of the tour guide, also learn some interesting facts of each place that you find it hard on the Internet. They will drive you to the most popular street stalls & hidden alleyways and show you where the locals really love to eat, and it is an amazing chance to fill your belly with delicious and authentic Vietnamese food.

Motorbike tour Ho Chi Minh

*** Explore the Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the famous destinations in the Southern Ho Chi Minh which attracts a great number of both domestic & international travellers. This place was used as hiding spots of Vietnam soldiers during the Vietnam Nam war. This was an important base of operation to transfer suppliers, foods, weapons & communications for the Vietnam army. Just after a short drive of 40 minutes from Ho Chi Minh and you will arrive at this exciting attraction. 

If you think this history attraction might cause your kids getting bored, I am sure that it will not happen as according to our small customers, they all LOVE this place so much. Your children can run free, discover some amazing tunnels and learn about the history of Vietnam from the knowledgable guide. Don't forget to bring the mosquito repellent to avoid any insects. 

Note: The crawling and going through the tunnels is an optional activity. With the person who suffers from claustrophobia, you can just discover this destination above ground and go into the remaining and shelter. 

Cu Chi Tunnels

2. Where to stay in Ho Chi Minh for your family holiday? 


1. Best things to do with kids in Mekong Delta

*** Mekong Delta Floating Markets - A life-changing experience
Have you ever had some experiences in your life that really change the way you see the world? If yes, I hope this it will be ONE of those with you and your children. With most of our small travellers, they said that besides many interesting experiences such as learning about the local cultures of this region, seeing the most bustling markets such as Cai Rang Floating Market or Cai Be Floating Market with abundance of fruits & vegetables & having unique activity that is paddling along the narrow canals to see the locals daily life; they also have some unforgettable experiences in their trip. 

When they ask the guide why locals there throw buckets into the river to collect water. It seems that they felt strange when people take the river water to wash their clothes, clean the dishes and even take a shower; the guide explained that the locals there do not have access to clean water due to the serious lack of clean water. Seeing the locals living in such poor conditions but still happy and content with their life was something that the kids did not see frequently in their life. 

Cai Rang Floating Market

*** Taking a bike ride along the narrow channels of Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta is very famous for many verdant orchards, golden rice paddies & a great number of winding roads for bike tours. Coming to one of the islands in this region, you and your kids should definitely hop on a bicycle and cycle around charming villages along shady canal paths. Taking some of the best routes which are in Vinh Long, Cai Be & Ben Tre, you will have a great chance to catch a glimpse of locals daily life & interact with locals to improve your Vietnamese.

Mekong Delta

2. Where to stay in Mekong Delta for your family holiday? 

Homestay Ut Trinh


1. Best things to do with kids in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Beach

2. Where to stay in Phu Quoc for your family holiday? 


  1. Make sure don’t overload your itinerary, let everyone pick an activity which they are interested
  2. Some rules while travelling are important
  3. Assign who is responsible for which bag
  4. Don’t change your sleeping set up too quickly, take the time to let your kids get used to the time locals
  5. Which hotels & resorts are very essential for everyone having a good sleep. In the case you have small kids to take care, connecting room or twin room with two double large beds are the smart choices
  6. Choose the suitable destinations. Some advice you may want to know:
  7.    + Mountain with easy routes are best when kids range from 6 to 12
       + Beach holidays suite with children of any age
       + Theme parks are considered the best for children between the ages of 3 and 12
       + Cruises are good for kids of any age
       + Handicraft activities suit best for the kids between the ages of 3 and 12
       + Here are the best destinations in Vietnam & top best beaches in this beautiful country
  8. Passport
  9.    + Being aware that all children need passports when travelling internationally (even infants)
       + Either parent must be present in person or guardians must provide a notarized letter to the parent who is
       + Check the expiration dates of passports (some countries have rules about how long your passport must be valid for – For instance: Vietnam is 6 months)
  10. Which vaccinations you may need 
  11. Traffic in big cities: To cross the crazy teeming streets, you should look left & right carefully, then just go slowly & raise your hand to let every driver knows, don't stop. The motorcyclists will figure out your pace & avoid you. If you stop, you will be in trouble.
  12. Mosquito: Prepare nets for the kids' beds if you go camping or stay at the homestays, the anti-bug gels, baseball caps (for the sun) & kids-friendly sunscreen
  13. Have a good first aid kit, baby backpack & travel insurance with you
  14. Careful when eating fresh leafy greens, if you think they are not clean, do not eat as they can lead to tummy problems
  15. You can buy custom-tailored clothes & shoes at Hoi An for good prices. It's ok to bargain - just keep it light & fun
  16. When taking the train, do not let someone carry things for you. Either that person would charge you from $5 to $10 or you won't get them back
  17. Visiting temples & pagodas & Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: dress appropriately, read what to do & what not to do before entering

These top best spots & things to do with your children when travelling Vietnam can be incorporated into most of your ideal & perfect Vietnam Family Holidays.

If you can’t find what you want, contact our Inside Travel Experts and they will help you create the journey of a lifetime with your kids!

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After 6 months took place, the 8th Vietnam Travel Photography Contest with the main theme “I love Vietnam” has chosen the most impressive photos...

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