Vietnam Lifestyle

The lifestyle of Vietnamese people varies from region to region and between the young and old generation. However, there are some aspects of life remaining unchanged. People in this Southeast Asian country, especially in rural areas have long had reputation for being kind, hospitable and hard-working. Family places an indispensable part in Vietnamese life. There still exist extended families with two or three generations living under the same house. For married couples, it is common for both husband and wife to work, so their parents will help them keep an eye on young preschool children. In the absence of traditional caregivers, children are taken to a nursery school or daycare center during the day. Traditionally, children are expected to be obedient and respectful toward elders, especially their parents and to help with household chores. Throughout the country, the lifestyle of Vietnamese is under a significant influence of age-old Confucian virtues of benevolence which respect social order, trustworthiness, determination, and the duty to help the less fortunate. Education is of great importance to Vietnamese people, so Vietnamese children are now given adequate education since they was at small age.

In the past, children are taught to keep and follow the family lifestyle, and they were not allowed to have their own voice in their family. This is resulted from the family ties at that time which did not let the young people creates their own conception of lifestyle.

After two decades of rapid economic growth, the opening of economy and market takes Vietnam closer to modernization and urbanization; and there is no surprise that the new and large cities spring up like mushrooms throughout the country. To name a few, the major population centres are Hanoi (the capital), Ho Chi Minh (the biggest city) and other cities such as Danang, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Hue, Hai Phong,… And unlike the slow-paced and simple life in the countryside, life in these cities is modern and complicated in many aspects.

Calculated up to 2017, over sixty percent of Vietnam’s total population is living in rural areas. With a background is an agriculture-producing country, the countryside plays an important role during Vietnam’s progression to many aspects. Here is the place preserving and maintaining characteristic values throughout generations, which attract foreigners to visit and explore the authentic local life with a charming slow-paced and idyllic vibe.

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