Vietnam Overview

Vietnam, officially called The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is situated on the eastern margin of the Indochinese peninsula. With a land border of 3,730 kilometers, Vietnam shares border with China to the North, with Laos and Cambodia to the west, with the South China Sea and the Tonkin Gulf to the east and with the Gulf of Siam to the South.

Welcome to Vietnam – The land of Timeless Charm – a marvelous S-shaped country which is characterized by its attractive natural beauty from uniquely extraordinary landscapes of rugged mountains, terraced rice paddies to peaceful deltas and beautiful coastal land with alluring sandy beaches and mighty limestone islands over the sea.

Vietnam has undergone 4,000 years of history since ancient Vietnamese people founded our first country under the name "Van Lang" in 2879 B.C. Vietnam's history is always depicted as a long and continuous struggle for independence and freedom. Vietnam was dominated by Chinese feudalists for over 1,000 years (111 B.C - 939 A.D). After that, Vietnam was French's colony for nearly 100 years (1859-1945

Before launching economic revolution policy, Vietnam mainly had diplomatic relationship with former Soviet Union and the countries in Socialist Bloc. Nowadays, thanks to open-door economic policies, Vietnam's international relations have become more diverse.

With a long territory stretching from the North to the South plus a great number of ethnic groups, Vietnam possesses a varied culture with diverse local characteristics. According to reports recently released by the General Office of Statistics, Vietnam's population has nearly reached 96 million people. Eighty-six percent of these are ethnic Viet (known officially as Kinh), while the remaining fourteen percent comprises more than fifty separate ethnic minority groups.

Vietnam has various natural resources including forest, sea and mineral resources. Vietnam's forests are valued to be high diversity with rich fauna and flora.

Situating in Southeast Asia where is near the equator, Vietnam possesses typical features of a humid subtropical climate. However, with a long territory stretching from the North to the South, there are climate differences among each region. Hence it has created beautiful Vietnam all year round with numerous beautiful sceneries and alluring charms in each season, which attracts visitors coming to admire the beauty of this S-shaped land.

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