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Vietnam visa is required for almost all foreigners visiting Vietnam for any purposes: tourist or business. Nowadays, it is quite easy to get Vietnam visa when Vietnamese government put Vietnam visa on arrival into effect. Travelers can stay at home and go online to easily apply Vietnam visa for staying in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, not having to go to the Embassy as before. In case you would like to stay longer, you totally can extend your visa when you are in Vietnam. To save your valuable time and your budget, it is recommended to apply Vietnam visa online as soon as you can. In case you have not determined your exact arrival date in Vietnam, just choose some days prior to your planned date as you can arrive and exit Vietnam anytime within the visa validity.

There are 2 ways to get Vietnam visa

1 Contact Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your country.

This way allows you to enter Vietnam by any means of transport; however, it would be slow and complicated. You need to contact Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your country, prepare documents including application form with signature and photo attached, original passport or photo of original passports. Then submit a hard-copy of those document either by post/in person or use services of a travel agent or organization in submitting the visa application. The fees for stamping visa and other current fees such as visa approval arrangement fee, processing fee, shipping, handling and expedited services, etc. are not public and might be different from embassy to embassy. Read More »

2 Get Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA).

This is the best way to get Vietnam visa, but it allows you to enter Vietnam by airline only. The superior side of this method is simple procedure, transparent service & stamping fees. You just need to fill in our "Online Application Form", pay the service fee then get your "Visa approval letter" within 2-3 working days processing time for normal service and 1 working day processing time for urgent service. Final step is to get your visa stamped on arrival at one of Vietnam International airports. Upon entry at Vietnam airport, you need to submit original passport + 2 passport-sized photos + printed Vietnam visa approval letter + and pay the stamping fee directly to Vietnam Immigration Officers at airport. It costs US$ 25 to stamp one-month and three-month single entry visas, $50 for one-month and three-month multiple entry visas. Read More »

How to get Vietnam Visa on arrival

There are 4 easy steps to get Vietnam visa on arrival

Step 1. Choose the type of Vietnam Visa to apply

Vietnam Visas are available under different categories depending on the purpose of your travel and other facts. Please fill all necessary information to receive appropriate Visa Category: Number of applicants, Type of visa, Arrival Airport, Arrival Date, Purpose of visit, processing time, Extra Service, etc.

Step 2. Fill in the Applicants Details

Please complete all relevant fields in the application (Applicants Information, Flight Schedule, Contact Information, etc) for efficient application process.

Step 3. Review and submit your application

Please review all requirements and submit your application. If you have not filled all the details or would like to change any information, you can go back to step 2 to complete the application.

Step 4. Receive your Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

After 3-5 working days, Vietnam Visa Approval Letter will be sent to you. When received, please: 1) Check the visa approval letter information (if there is something incorrect, contact us immediately). 2) Prepare the required documents: - Valid passport (valid at least six months prior to your departure) - Hard copy of Vietnam Visa Letter - 02 passport-sized pictures (4*6cm) - 25.00 USD for Visa Stamp (1 month single entry)

Vietnam Visa Fees

1 month single entry
$16 (2 working days)
1 Pax 16 USD
2 Pax 15 USD
3 - 5 Pax 14 USD
6 - 9 Pax 13 USD
10 Pax 10 USD
1 month multiple entries
$23 (2 working days)
1 Pax 23 USD
2 Pax 21 USD
3 - 5 Pax 19 USD
6 - 9 Pax 17 USD
10 Pax 15 USD
3 months single entry
$28 (2 working days)
1 Pax 28 USD
2 Pax 26 USD
3 - 5 Pax 24 USD
6 - 9 Pax 22 USD
10 Pax 20 USD
3 months multiple entries
$95 (2 working days)
1 Pax 95 USD
2 Pax 93 USD
3 - 5 Pax 90 USD
6 - 9 Pax 85 USD
10 Pax 80 USD

* NOTE: There are 2 fees you must be aware before apply a visa on arrival:

  • Service fee: paid to the travel agency for processing your visa approval letter.
  • Stamping fee: paid in cash directly to the Immigration Officer at arrival airports to get visa stamped onto passport.
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